måndag 13 februari 2012

Maglev 0.2 released! Magnolia CMS Grails Integration part 2

After a few days of hard work from @argeus and me we decided to let the Grails Magnolia Plugin to the public. Much needed functionality works and internally we have started to develop new applications using it. Consider it a beta-release but it already brings a great CMS to Grails.

UPDATE: Check out the Quick-start guide.

Head over to to github.com/Bonheur/maglev/downloads to try it out yourself.

torsdag 2 februari 2012

Authentication for Web Services using SOAP headers in Axis2

I found it very hard to find information about how to authenticate yourself consuming a Web Service using Apache Axis2. Finally I got it to work using this method illustrated like this calling a simple method for testing authentication.

I wonder why there is so little information about the AuthHeaderE object that I couldn't get it to work without. This query gives 3(!) hits on Google, should I get the hint that this isn't the correct solution or what :)

onsdag 1 februari 2012

Magnolia and Grails Integration part 1

First proof I've got Magnolia fully integrated into Grails. It was a struggle but I felt it must be possible and here is the first screencast showing that it was possible.

UPDATE: Check this for a more complete screencast and links to plugin. http://www.kimmo.se/2012/02/maglev-02-released-magnolia-grails.html

Running Grails Controllers as Magnolia Templates, Grails Controllers as Magnolia Paragraphs. Render views with GSP and access Magnolia content at the same time, and much more that isn't shown in the screencast.

More to come...